Install Docker on Raspberry Pi

Install Docker on Raspberry Pi

1. First things first, set up your Raspberry Pi

You can follow this guide to set up your Raspberry Pi to install anything on it.

2. Let’s get started, get the installer script

By running the following command you will be downloading an installer script to your home directory.

curl -fsSL -o

You can run the script with the following command.

sudo sh

3. Add ‘pi’ user to the ‘docker’ group

This will allow us to run docker command without sudo

sudo usermod -aG docker pi

You should restart the Raspberry Pi with sudo reboot after this step.

4. Test your Docker installation

You can run an example Docker container with the following command. It will download (pull) and run the container.

docker run hello-world

5. Install Docker Compose on Raspberry Pi

In order to install Docker Compose on Raspberry Pi, you can use apt repositories as follows.

sudo apt install docker-compose

Have fun!